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Car Mechanics Magazine Rates Nilfisk Pressure Washer its Best Buy

Best Buy Pressure Washer

In a recent survey of the top pressure washers on the market, respected auto magazine Car Mechanics has rated the Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-tra its Best Buy, describing the pressure washer as being far ahead of the competition.

With a readership that knows its stuff when it comes to vehicle cleaning, the magazine came to its decision following a thorough product test that pitted the Nilfisk machine against other leading brands and models. Bosch, Karcher, Draper and Screwfix all had machines tested, but Nilfisk was the clear winner – gaining points for its power, ease of use and, crucially, full marks for value for money.

About the product test

Recognising that a pressure washer’s true power is not simply a matter of pressure, but of the correct balance between high pressure and a consistent flow rate, Car Mechanics magazine made cleaning power one of the top criteria of the test. The pressure washers were set with a 20 cm wide fan at a specific distance from the nozzle. The spray was then directed towards an object on the ground, with the most powerful machines being able to shift the object from greater distances. In order to check the flow rate, they put the nozzle in a bucket and measured the amount of water collected in 30 seconds. For this part of the test, a maximum four points was awarded for power and three for flow rate.

Best Buy Pressure Washer

The magazine then examined how easy each machine was to use. For this they awarded a maximum of four points for longer hose and lance lengths, as well as storage facilities. A maximum of two points was awarded for any useful accessories and a final point given to any pressure washer with an internal detergent tank. Out of a potential 14 points for performance, the Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-tra was awarded 12 points. In the final category, value for money, the Nilfisk machine got full marks, six out of six, for an overall total of 18 out of 20.

Why did the Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-tra win?

The judges praised the Nilfisk machine for its performance in every area of the test. Describing it as a sturdy and solid machine, the Car Mechanics team made specific mention of the sheer force emitted from the nozzle, describing the cleaning power as ‘awesome’. The rotary brush and clip-on detergent bottle were singled out for praise, as was the storage space and the fact that it is an easy machine to move around. The fact that all of these components were combined in a pressure washer which is considerably cheaper than some of the machines in the test clearly made a big impression on the judges, and its performance in this regard made it the clear winner. In the magazine’s write up of the product test, the Nilfisk pressure washer is described as ‘superbly made, reassuringly sturdy and seems well thought out.’ In the end it seems their decision to give it the Best Buy award was an easy one, and for them the Nilfisk E140 2-9 S Xtra is a pressure washer in ‘a league of its own.’

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