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How Do You Keep Your Garden Clean?


It’s easy to think the odd sweep up will suffice in the average garden. But when you consider the presence of a patio or decking area, guttering, garden furniture and perhaps even a conservatory, you’ll see there is a lot more to do than you think.

Fortunately there are plenty of products and accessories available you can use to make life easier. The key is to choose the right product for the right situation. For example if you are doing some patio cleaning, a pressure washer is ideal. However you need the right attachment, and in this case the Nilfisk compact patio cleaner is perfect if you have a Nilfisk machine.

Conservatory cleaning can also be made easier with a pressure washer. Consider getting one that comes with a bundle designed to clean your patio and conservatory. This will have a variety of attachments that should make the job much easier. You may also consider a window vac for cleaning your conservatory windows (and indeed the windows around the rest of your house). It certainly takes the hard work out of it.

Guttering is also much easier to clean when you have a pressure washer. If you have a gutter and pipe cleaning kit you won’t even need a ladder, so it’s ideal if you don’t like heights. It makes the job far easier and more pleasant too.

Cleaning Away from a Power Point

Some pressure washers are designed to be plugged in to be used. However this limits the area you can use them in. If you have a large garden you’d be better off with a petrol pressure washer, as you’ll have no limit to where you can go with it. Simply add the petrol, take it wherever you need it and start it up to get cleaning. There are several good petrol pressure washer models in both the Nilfisk and Karcher ranges, so consider your budget and choose the best model for your needs.

You can still get attachments for them of course, like the garden brush that’s perfect for brushing down and cleaning your garden furniture. While lots of people have chairs and tables on their patio, some also have bistro sets and other furniture away from the house. If you have a shaded area elsewhere in your garden, you’ll likely have garden furniture there that needs cleaning. Your petrol pressure washer will come in handy here.

Moss removal also becomes far easier to cope with. Garden walls can look old and tired before their time once the moss takes hold. Yet with the assistance of a pressure washer you can have them back to their best again in no time. It may not be the first thing you think of doing when you get out into the garden to tidy up, but it’s another example of a job you can easily sort out and resolve.

As you can see, you may find you can’t do without a power washer once you get into the garden for a tidy up.

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