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Using Your Pressure Washer Safely


There’s no doubt a pressure washer can make all manner of cleaning tasks a whole lot easier. But while this is a big advantage to have, it is wise to know how to use a pressure washer. It’s not the same as using a garden hose, which is why you should always wear proper protective clothing.

Another essential safety rule is never to point the pressure washer at another person. In fact you should always keep the nozzle pointing down towards the floor. You never know when someone might inadvertently walk up to you as you’re about to turn it on. Using a pressure washer safely will vastly reduce the odds of having an accident.

Maintenance is very important as well, and we’ve given you some handy tips and advice below on how to ensure your pressure washer is always operating safely and efficiently. Be sure to keep the operating manual that comes with it so you can troubleshoot any issues quickly and easily.

Looking After Your Pressure Washer

Pressure washer maintenance is a big part of ensuring it is safe and ready to use. Regular maintenance will also ensure it enjoys a much longer life.

When you store your pressure washer over winter, do be sure to remove all fuel from it. Store this safely until you need it again. You also need to add a mix of water and antifreeze to the system. This is particularly important if you are storing your pressure washer in a shed or garage, which is likely to get very cold during wintry weather. Any water left inside the pressure washer can freeze and cause some major damage if you haven’t added some antifreeze to it.

Whenever you are going to use your pressure washer, you should take the time to check it over first. This holds true regardless of whether you’ve just taken it out of storage or you have used it more recently. Clean it with a damp cloth if necessary as this will make it easier to see whether there is any damage that needs to be sorted out. Check all parts and make sure everything that needs to be attached is properly connected.

Another important maintenance job is to ensure you change the oil whenever required. Regardless of how often you use your pressure washer, a three monthly change is the absolute minimum you should aim for. If you use it frequently, make sure you change it after every twenty hours of use, no more.

As you can see, a lot of this is common sense. The more you get used to your pressure washer and the more familiar you become with the parts, the easier it will be to maintain it and use it safely.


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