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Land Rover Monthly Puts Pressure Washers To The Test

Land Rover Monthly

Large, bulky and very powerful: Land Rovers are great for off-roading and leisure pursuits, as well as farm work and for providing essential transport in rural areas. All of which means that they do get very muddy – certainly more so than most vehicles. Nobody expects a Land Rover to be spotless at all times, but clumps of mud and dirt can cause long-term damage to the chassis. To avoid corrosion, Land Rovers need a cleaning solution to match the power and efficiency they are known for, which is why Land Rover Monthly magazine conducted a detailed survey of the pressure washers currently on the market, and gave each one a thorough product test.

The Tests

Assessed on criteria such as cleaning power, ease of use, the accessories included with the unit and detergent use, each machine was awarded points up to a total of 20. The cleaning power test involved trying to move a set weight with the force of the water output. The further away a pressure washer was able to shift the weight with its water output, the more points it was awarded. The ease of use test gave points according to length of hose, and the design of the hose’s storage. Full points in this category were awarded to pressure washers with a proper reel. In terms of accessories included with the package, judges were looking for both the quantity and the usefulness of accessories. Finally, only machines with internal detergent tanks were given full points in the detergent category.

The Results

So which pressure washer was the winner, and what made it the best bet for cleaning vehicles according to Land Rover Monthly? Well, Karcher did very well: the K3 series was awarded 16 points out of 20 and was given a “Recommended” rating. Judges praised the Karcher’s accessories, including a rotary blaster nozzle and lance extensions. The only negative from the judges’ point of view was its lack of an internal detergent tank (instead there’s a docking point for detergent bottles).

The winner, however, with 17 points out of 20 was Nilfisk, with the E series. Gaining points because of its hose length, reel hose storage, internal detergent tank and accessories, what really impressed the judges was the Nilfisk machine’s power. Awarding it a “Best Buy” rating, the judges noted that, “Even with the lance aimed into mid-air, you can still feel a strong kick back as soon as you pull the trigger.”


Water Efficiency, Not Money Down the Drain

As well as praising the power and ease of use common to both Nilfisk and Karcher’s machines, the Land Rover Monthly article made special mention of the benefits of using a pressure washer in general, pointing out that, because of the force at which it is being emitted, very small quantities of water are involved:

“By making the water work harder, only a fraction of what a hosepipe emits is needed for successful cleaning. And that has to be good news, whether it’s to prevent your drive becoming deluged after washing, or simply because you have a water meter fitted – making excess water use, money down the drain.”

The Pressure Washer product test article originally appeared in the September 2012 issue of Land Rover Monthly magazine
Featured image courtesy of Land Rover Monthly

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