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Nilfisk 2013 Home Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Nilfisk’s 2013 range of domestic-use power washers includes everything from lightweight machines to semi-professional units.

Nilfisk Compact

C125 3-8 PAD Pressure Washer

For quick jobs and small-area cleaning tasks around the home, as well as for most auto cleaning jobs, the Nilfisk Compact range has everything you need.

The C110 4-5 X-tra Pressure Washer is available in both Auto and Patio bundle packages, providing everything you need for either cleaning your car or your patio.

Another great offering is the C125 3-8 PAD Pressure Washer. Along with this powerful machine, a range of accessories for patio cleaning is included in the box.

Nilfisk Excellent

E140 2-9 X-tra Pressure Washer Auto & Patio bundle

Suitable for medium to challenging tasks, the E-numbered machines in the Nilfisk range (E130 & E140), come with an automatic stop/start function and an 8 metre hose.

The E140 2-9 X-tra Pressure Washer Auto & Patio bundle includes a Patio Cleaner Plus as well as an auto cleaning brush – making this a particularly versatile offering.

Nilfisk Pro

The P150 2-10 X-tra is an example of one of Nilfisk’s semi-professional machines. With a bar rating of 150 and a water flow rate of 610 litres per hour, these are powerful machines, capable of tackling some of the toughest cleaning tasks.

Nilfisk P150 2-10 X-tra Pressure Washer Ultimate Bundle

The Ultimate bundle lives up to its name, including a range of dedicated patio and auto cleaning accessories, it provides everything you need to complete a serious outdoor cleaning job.

Useful information

Each Nilfisk machine has a number in the name, this refers to its bar rating. So, a C105 machine has a bar rating of 105. For more information about bar ratings, visit our Pressure Washer Buying Guide.

Every Nilfisk unit comes with extra nozzles: Tornado, a fan jet, and PowerSpeed, an oscillating pencil jet.

A Nilfisk machine with X-tra in its name comes with an in-built trolley system for easy mobility.